|| Gatlinburg Getaway ||



Where’s the fun in life if you don’t go out and explore? Everyone needs a vacation here and there from their every day routine. I have such a strong desire to travel and see what the world has to offer. I never traveled too much growing up, so why not now? I work a full time job, so taking long-weekend adventures is easiest for me to do. I hope to make my way up to bigger and better trips in the future, though.

gburg5 gburg10 gburg9 gburg12

My sisters and I found ourselves available over Labor Day weekend, so we took a little road trip to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains. There’s just something about being engulfed in nature and seeing such a beautiful sight that you’ll never forget.  I want to be able to look back on my life and remember all of the beautiful places that I went to. It’s such a fun and freeing experience to explore the world and find new places, whilst finding yourself and what you love. Gatlinburg was definitely an easy and convenient trip, but I’m already planning many more adventures to come!

gburg15 gburg2 gburg1

Although we wanted to get as much of an outdoor experience as we could, we also did some fun things in downtown Gatlinburg. Not featured are our: caramel apples, Sky Lift ride, crazy good food and drinks, old candy kitchen goodies, the best donuts and the awesome items I bought while shopping on the strip. This was an amazing trip, and if you haven’t experienced the Smoky Mountains yet, I would definitely recommend that you do it soon! Grab your travel buddies, your Sanuk Sandals and go!

|| ps || We saw a bear on this trip. A REAL BEAR. That is all.

xx || ps

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