|| Live on the Green ||

One of my favorite times of the year is when Lightening 100 hosts their annual Live on the Green music festival. Clear your Thursday evenings people, because you’re about to make some plans! Free live music and food truck food; what’s not to love?


I’ll tell you what’s to love… everything.

As a Nashville native, I love music. Not so much Country, but if you throw in some Indie/Alternative music, then I’m all over it. I listen to Lightening 100 daily and really enjoy the music that they play. Every year, they score a killer lineup for the festival. Whether it’s a local band or a big-name artist, it’s always going to be good… and FREE. (that’s the best part, because then you can save your money for food.)



Speaking of food, the food trucks at LOTG are da bomb. The first week, I went with a delicious croissant sandwich and truffle mac-n-cheese from Crepe A Diem. The sandwich was massive and filling, but I did not regret one bite of it. (trust me, I may appear small, but this girl can get down on some food.) And if your mouth isn’t already drooling from the sight of these ice cream sandwiches from Mojo Cookie Dough, then there might be something wrong with you. Create your own or try a classic! Featured here is the Peanut Butter Oreo and the S’mores. This was probably enough food for 3-5 people, but once again, no rAgrets. (…name that movie.) These are just two of so many food trucks that hang out there for your enjoyment.

Now, if I haven’t convinced you already to go this coming Thursday, then maybe this will help: There’s corn hole, photo booths, prizes and giveaways, and you can bring your dog. You can’t say that about too many festivals, so you might as well take advantage of it if you can. I’ve met so many people over the past two weeks because I’ve asked to pet their dogs. (yep, I’m that girl.) Also, you can bring chairs or a blanket and just relax with an ice cold beer. It’s like having your own little picnic while someone serenades you the whole time. What more could you want?



Visit Live on the Green‘s website for their schedule and amazing lineup! See you there!

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