Decor Inspo 

|| Welcome to my humble abode || 

What would I consider my apartment decor style? Rustic, boho, with a touch of modern. Anything wooden or antique; send it my way. Any tapestry, old skulls or antlers; bring it on. DIY projects; why not? 

I moved into my new place a little over a month ago, and after my sister took all of our furniture upon moving out, I quickly realized that I needed to go buy all of my own. Getting all new furniture and decor at one time is pretty pricey, but you’re talking to the queen of thrifting and flea market finds right here. One of my top go-to stores is Essex Bargain Hunt. You can literally find everything you need for super cheap! Like my coffee table and these industrial steel chairs? SCORE


I like to have a style that’s very minimalistic, with a few accents that really attract the eye. 
My latest decor obsession: copper accents. I’m madly in love and I search for them everywhere. Can’t find any in your area? Go grab a bottle of spray paint at your local hardware store and go to town. That’s what I did with my used wine bottles, mason jars and wire baskets. Works like a charm! 

Another obsession I had lately was finding a decently priced and comfy butterfly chair. I feel like I looked up and down the earth for that thing (and I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite willing to spend an arm and a leg on it). I stumbled upon this cozy, furry beaut at Target, yes Target, for only $50. STEAL. It’s not leather or cowhide, but it feels like a white, fluffy cloud and I could lounge in it all day.


Hopefully this helps with all of your home decor needs! I’ve posted some links below if you want to snag some of these items for yourself. (sorry, most of them are vintage finds!) Comment below if you have any questions! 

Tapestry || Faux Fur Butterfly Chair || Rolling Kitchen Island || Industrial Steel Chairs || Comforter Set

xx || ps

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