Collaborating over Coffee 


Business meetings are always more productive over coffee, right? Right. Also, donuts help a little as well… 

The better question is, how do you find more inspiration? Collabing with others, of course! It’s always fun to brainstorm with other creative minds and come up with new and fresh ideas. I’ve recently tag-teamed with my fellow fashion/inspiration bloggers from (be sure to check out this blog ASAP) These girls are amazing at what they do and have killer advice on fashion, skincare, makeup, you name it! We headed over one morning to the Barista Parlor in the Gulch for a quick interview on myself, fashion trends that I’m loving and hating, skincare and makeup regimens I use, and a little background on my career inspiration and how I got started in the industry. (you should read it, because it’s actually pretty cool and I shared one of my deepest, darkest beauty secrets…) Hopefully it inspires you! 

I’m always open to answering any questions you may have, whether they’re over fashion, makeup or hair. (do remember, I’m also a hairstylist) So if your curiosity sparks, shoot a comment my way and I’ll be glad to help! 

Barista Parlor || Five Daughters Bakery

Striped Two-piece Set || Booties || Strappy Bralette || Panama Hat

xx || ps

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