fringe, frayed and cut out 

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What better place to shoot than the top of an empty parking garage? We could have gotten kicked out a few times, but that’s what makes a perfect shot! I wanted to share this look with everyone, because it’s a perfect transitional outfit from Summer to Fall. Fringe is so in right now (and when will it not be, honestly?) and so are the distressed jeans. They give your outfit a little edge, so it strays away from being “too polished” when you’re looking for more of a modern and casual look. Also, my new favorite color and, in my opinion, the best color for Fall season is sage. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of this color and olive tones in the future. I’m still living it up in the Summer, but I cannot wait to share so many Fall looks with you all! Comment if you have any questions or need some fashion/hair advice! 

Fringe Top (on sale!) || Distressed Black Denim || Strappy Booties 

xx || ps

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