Savannah Spontaneously 


Need an idea for a road trip? Drive on over to Savannah, Georgia! My friend and I needed a weekend getaway and this was the perfect spot. Living in Nashville, you don’t really have close access to a beach, but this was only an 8 hour drive! We also took a day trip to Charleston (which is super awesome, as well) and only about 2 hours from Savannah. Both have a nearby beach, lots of adorable little restaurants and tons of great places to shop! We also chose to book our stay through Airbnb, and stayed in this cute little house! It was beautiful and the people there are awesome! From lighthouse visits, to margaritas, to blowouts and living it up on the beach, we had a blast! 

Be sure to take a road trip soon, you’ll thank yourself later! 

Embroidered Dress || Bathing Suit top || Bathing Suit bottoms

xx || ps

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