ancient to modern 


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One of my favorite things is helping to bring items from the past back in style, but being able to add your own little twist to it. It was a big investment to get this insane, Egyptian inspired necklace from Urban Outfitters, and I think I could wear it with almost everything I own because it’s so amazing. We always have joked with our grandmothers about how “gaudy necklaces” weren’t cool, but boy were we wrong! There are the perfect compliment to spice up a simple outfit. I also searched the world up and down to the find a pair of gladiator sandals that actually fit my non-athletic calves correctly. I found these (on sale!) at Shii by Journeys, where I find most of my shoes. (Apologies if they’re all sold out, this style is so popular!) The necklace is fairly fancy and the shoes are pretty casual, so I chose a casual dress from H&M to pair with the two gems. Flowy, comfy and festival fierce.  


xx || pais 

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