last bits of bonnaroo 


It’s so hard to say goodbye to the farm, but I made so many lasting memories! All in all, we survived the heat, stayed hydrated and were fully prepared with every festival essential as well as fashion essentials. 

For any festival, you’ll definitely need water, sunscreen, shades, etc… but my festival list includes a little more:

Don’t forget! The most comfortable clothes to wear to a Summer festival is something loose and breathable. (it’s too hot for anything else, unless you go nude with body paint…which isn’t really my style.) Urban Outfitters had my go-to cover up that kept me cool throughout the day. I also packed my Polaroid camera, because what’s cooler than Polaroid pictures? Instant satisfaction. I brought my handy dandy fanny pack for a little bit of storage, which was able to hold my portable phone charger. (never know when you’ll need one!) Bringing a blanket or sheet is desirable when you’re wanting to relax and listen to the music. Lastly, if you’re wanting to have some fun, get creative and bring along some henna tattoos or the pretty metallic ones. There’s no better place to express your wild side than at Bonnaroo! 

PS || If you find an old VW van, it just makes your experience that much cooler. 

Enjoy these little tips and make sure that I see you on the farm next year! 

xx || ps 

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