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This was a wonderful wedding event that I was so honored to be a part of this past weekend. As a stylist, doing hair is my passion. I love being able to work with people, give them a style or a new look that they feel great about, be creative and express my abilities, and go out into the world and making people beautiful one head of hair at a time. I could give you a knock-out color and killer haircut, but the style is going to pull it all together and really show off the look. I always try and keep in mind the new trends in hairstyling. Braids are super hot and very popular for the Summer season. Also, many women and girls are wanting more texture in their style and less smoothness and perfection (I love both styles). The textured beach waves or bohemian waves  are one of my favorite trends. I’m just lucky that my hair does this naturally, but I’ve found many ways to recreate this style to use on all of my clients! 

Are you wanting to learn new ways to style your hair? Do you need your hair done for a special event? Are you looking for the right products to help you get there? 

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